What kind of training are we providing…

We are following the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award training curriculum which is decided into four levels.

We have now started our Puppy Training Classes as of Saturday 24th October. But don’t worry, there are still some places left.

Please call the centre or send your details to us through our contact page.

Paula is our resident training specialist and will be taking you and your puppies through the Puppy Foundation course for next 6 weeks.

This course will teach you how to correctly socialise and habituate your puppy – and what to do if your puppy shows a fear response.

We teach basic obedience: how to teach lead walking, sit, down, stand and stay command. We also cover food manners, taking an article away from a puppy plus handing and inspection of your puppy.

The course will also cover common problems such as : jumping up, mouthing, toilet training and pulling on the lead.