What is agility?

Agility is team work between the dog and handler as they negotiate a course of hurdles, contact obstacles, tunnels and weaves in the fast time possible, with the fewest faults.

Agility strengthens the bond and communication between dog and handler as the dog learns to listen to verbal directions and follow the body language of the handler. The dog learns to focus on the handler and here at Bury K9 we use positive methods to motivate the dog such as: food or toys so the dog wants to work with its owner.

What are the benefits?

Agility is a mental and physical workout both for the dog and handler and helps to keep you both fit. It also improves confidence in sensitive dogs as they learn to go through tunnels and over obstacles. It also improves a dog’s flexibility and self control – to wait at the beginning of the course, and to touch or wait on the contact points.

How do I get started?

Sign up for our beginners agility course which is starting on Saturday 17th October using our contact page.  Paula will teach you and your dogs how to negotiate the equipment correctly and safely, then gradually build-up your dog’s fitness levels, confidence and ability to work with distractions. By the end of the course you will be able to negotiate simple agility courses. The course provides you and your dog with the foundations to progress further in agility if you wish.

Trick Training?

Teaching your dog tricks improves the bond between you and your dog. Your dog learns that ‘learning is fun’. Your dog also learns to think. Trick training teaches an awareness of the body, flexibility, strength and balance. Of course it is also mental stimulation for a dog. Tricks such as twirls, beg, bow are all great to use as warm ups for agility.

Keeping it fun…

In our classes you get points for the tricks that your dog can do. Get 20 points and you gain a Ruby certificate, 40 you gain the Garnet award etc

Trick training is also a great introduction and basis for heelwork to music. Paula your trainer has competed and judged heelwork to music and freestyle so can point you in the right direction if you feel that this could be a new venture for you and your dog.

Scenting and searching…

This helps to fulfil the dog’s natural instinct to scent and search. Teach your dog to follow simple smells e.g. can your dog follow the scent of a tripe stick?

If you are walking and drop an article can your dog back track and retrieve it?

If we hide your dog’s toy in one of our many tunnels in the outside area, can your dog use it’s nose to detect where it’s toy is hidden?

Agility, Trick Training, Scenting and Searching and brain games are all part of our mixed activity course.

It’s great fun and mental stimulation for you and your dog !

Book your place now using the contact page.